Things That Aren’t Okay.

Things that aren’t okay:

  • It’s not okay to interrupt someone when they are trying to make a point. If everybody shouts, nobody gets heard and nothing gets solved. This is both juvenile and ridiculous. Not to mention ineffective.
  • It’s not okay to pretend to have the facts and then try to sway others to your opinion. This is merely marketing and quickly shows your ignorance to those who have been educated objectively and dispassionately.
  • It’s not okay to be so arrogant as to think that not only are you the only one in the room with an opinion that matters, but your opinion is the one that matters most and therefore must be heard at any cost. This is the destruction of civility and the promotion of anarchy. It too is juvenile. And possibly psychotic.
  • It’s not okay to believe EVERY ONE of your answers is the correct answer for everyone. This is silly and pretentious.
  • It’s not okay to refuse to lend an ear to those that might question your convictions in life. By listening to others you are able to either strengthen your resolve or loosen your grip on ideals which control your life; some of what you hold dear makes more or less sense as your understanding of how the world works grows. Either one is predominantly good for you.
  • It’s not okay to have an expansive vocabulary yet use your big words wrong or in the name of obfuscation. That makes you an idiot or an ass.
  • It’s not okay to embrace entitlement to a degree that represents you as the only one that matters in the room. Nobody else believes such a thing.
  • It’s not okay for adults to throw temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want. The world is not fair. Most children by the age of 3 have realized this. Especially those with siblings.
  • It’s not okay to remain silent on matters that you greatly object to, but picking your forum must be deliberated upon intelligently in order to find a way to best voice your opinions.
  • It’s not okay to be snide, aggressive and personal in your attacks when the situation does not warrant such behavior; i.e. you are not being attacked personally to begin with. This is cowardice and vitriol.
  • It’s not okay to stop this list here. But I’m going to. For now…
  • Follow up: The next day I came across this on my workout website, Kinda dug what Mark Helprin was riffing on here. Thought it might be timely to this post. But, hey, my answers certainly don’t have to be your answers. Things don’t seem so simple anymore…

One response to “Things That Aren’t Okay.

  1. It’s not okay to stop looking for new answers. The correct answers for today might just be wrong for the new questions of tomorrow. There is no end in sight.

    It’s not okay to be rude. People aren’t being stupid at you. Try to be better than that and don’t be stupid back AT them. Show them a better way. Teaching by example is very effective.

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