Where’s The Objectivity These Days?

I think 24 hour news channels have ruined this country.

Admittedly I rarely watch them and I read very little in the newspapers these days. How can I have the audacity to make such a comment then? Because by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, the world oftentimes becomes a little clearer.

Look, the world, since its inception 4 billion years ago, has always been on the brink of disaster. Always. We live on a fragile planet and human beings are selfish, ignorant and fearful. We are not nearly as great as we think we are and in 10,000 years we have done more damage to our planet than what has happened in the last 3.5 billion; and I’m not talking about global warming either- the world warms and cools, that’s what it does, with or without human help. From a purely human standpoint economies rise and fall as much as regimes do, diseases spread no matter how technologically advanced we are or what god (or gods) we believe in. We still talk about this shit in the news as if it is something new. With the advent of the 24 hour news channel however, we seem to do it even more ignorantly.

On the rare occasion I watch these programs, all I see is reporting fueled by fear and speculation. Nobody does any reporting anymore. The only investigation-type programs I see happen in hour long specials once a week or in re-runs of the same programs set in blocks to fill time slots. And even they can be questionable as far as “slant”.

When did slant become part of the news? What happened to objectively reporting a story? Giving both sides and staying emotionally uninvolved? Was it erased with 24 hour news channels? I don’t know, but these stations surely exacerbate the problem of overnewsed and underinformed. Since when did opinion matter in a news report? Give me the facts and let me form my own idea on the subject. Don’t tell me your opinion on the matter and then ask me to agree or disagree. That’s unprofessional unless you are writing an editorial.

This stuff has become a joke. Does anybody consider the source anymore when hearing a report? What does it take to become an expert these days? Is anybody out there objective anymore- inside or outside of the media room? All I see the “news” doing these days is promoting fear. If you are afraid you will buy, you will tune in, you will be controlled. Fuhhhck thattt!!!

Disgusting. If these television stations, radio shows, media outlets, all imploded tomorrow the world would not become a better place, but it would move onward without as much innane chatter… maybe it would become a better place. Stop searching for the “breaking” story and just give me an actual story with pertinent facts you aren’t emotionally involved in, preferably something not about a dead pop star, some psycho douchebag walking into an office with a gun because he’s had a couple of bad days in a row or some chick murdering her children because she was tired of not being able to hit the bars with her friends.

How about some in-depth, objective, unslanted reporting on health care reform, autism fueled by vaccinosis, the insanity of sub-prime mortgage companies now offering to “help” their customers by finding them “better” loans than the ones they brokered in the first place for upfront cash fees, why we’re truly at war in the Middle East and what we need to understand about our enemy, his politics and his culture, who’s holding the contracts on the rebuilding of Iraq’s infrastructure, why do we still not have a functional solar powered automobile, why the rich are pissed off at higher taxes while the middle class has consistently footed the bill with increases in taxes for a majority of this country’s existence, why we don’t concentrate more on finding common ground with our enemies and going on from there, why we think the death penalty is worse than spending the rest of ones existence in a tight, dark cage and costs more than the latter… you know the kind of thing that might educate the country instead of serve the vested interests of the corporate giants that pay the bills and keep us stupid and consuming.

The kind of thing that might be professional. Simple. Uncomplicated. That might be some news.


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