Routes, Avenues And Forks In The Road

John Steinbeck once said, “We spend our time searching for security and hate it when we get it.” The simple, uncomplicated, tragic truth of this amuses me. What a comedy this life we lead.

How much of our lives do we spend consorting with our destinies? How much time do we devote to the mysteries and intricacies of The Reason For Our Existence? How often do we fret over Our Path, Our Direction, Our Way? How many of us have possessed the security of a job, a dream, a mission, a marriage, a family only to begin to feel chained by it? Or to it?

Is this a nomadic gene we all possess? Is it even genetic? Could it be childish impulse, broken self-promise, self-delusion, something more… or less? What if, like most everything else we do with our lives, we just took our achievements and situations for granted, never knowing what we really had until we lost it?

I’d like to look into this more scientifically speaking because I believe that by looking for The Reason I can better understand my own but, philosophically speaking, I believe the answer is much easier to understand. I have found answers everywhere I have ever looked, always. Things do not happen for a reason. Things happen and then I come up with a reason that fits into my schema for my life and my mission, otherwise if things did “happen for a reason” and not the other way around, there would never be any need for debate. We would all agree on the whats and the whys to any event. The simple fact is, we do not all agree. We come up with our reasons as we see fit based upon our upbringing, our values, our beliefs and our need for understanding.

If The Reason is always up to me, then security should be empowering, but should never feel secure. Security can change with one wrong turn of a car wheel, one tragic accident, one recession. In that sense, abandoning Security if and when we feel trapped by it is absurd, we simply need to look at it differently. People change, circumstances change, the definition of security changes, that is undeniable. What we should strive to understand is that just because we are Secure in some fashion of our lives does not mean we are incapable of additional growth and understanding when it comes to that particular facet. Security should be administered and accepted with great care.

Security is fragile. Life is fragile. And the routes, avenues and forks in the road are all the same, because it is all up to you how you view it. Security can be a cage or a building block to greater opportunity and wisdom. That is up to you.

“Deluded people don’t realize their own mind is The Buddha. The keep searching outside.” -Bodhidharma. I’m finally starting to comprehend what this guy was saying. Most people never will. And so this comedy will continue with tragic hilarity, but humanly nonetheless.

Keep it simple.


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