I’m Human. Damn…

I haven’t been this busy and made this little money in, I think, forever.

I just finished my ISSA course to become a certified personal trainer yesterday. The course was challenging, eye-opening and thorough. So was the test: it took me about nine hours to get completely through it which I split up over 3 days.

I had heard the course was difficult and reputable which is why I signed up for it. I wouldn’t say it was difficult per se, just involved. It took a little self-discipline to get it done, that’s all. (At least in my opinion.) Besides, most of it was really fascinating, especially the anatomy, physiology and kinesiology aspects of the course because they were new to me.

I mailed the test in yesterday afternoon. I guess I’ll get my grade within the week or so. I felt very confident in the multiple choice and a little less so when it came to the practical application: I know how I would do things, but maybe that’s not what the ISSA wanted to hear. We’ll see…

I was feeling pretty good. Like a weight had been lifted (I guess that could count as a personal trainer pun if one was into really bad puns) and I could move on with the things that I want to do with my CFT license. An “on to the next phase” sort of thing was happening within me yesterday… so was something else. I got sick. I feel like complete poo today.

Some much for the next phase. At least for today. Oh well, at least my girlfriend’s making Cheatin’ Chicken Soup. I have no idea what that is… but it sounds oddly delicious.

Keep it simple out there, I’m gonna go take another nap and wonder why, lately, idle time bothers me so.


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