You Know What’s Cool?

I was sitting here thinking of all the things that weren’t cool. Thinking about my girlfriend hammering nails into the wall just on the other side of my office, at right about ear level while I’m trying to concentrate. I was thinking of smelly litter boxes, my dog stepping on my foot as he tried to get comfortable underneath my desk chair, the fact that I’m hungry… Then I realized I was being an asshole.

Wrong perspective. Too petty and selfish. So, I started thinking about what IS cool.

What’s cool:

  • sunsets
  • being able to eat when I’m hungry
  • my dog even when he’s uncool
  • my girlfriend even when she’s hammering stuff near my head
  • surfing
  • training in the morning before most people are even up (very quiet, very empty, very nice)
  • trying
  • having a mission
  • having some peace
  • sex
  • my brother and his family
  • shake and bake on chicken (simple pleasures, people, simple pleasures)
  • friday nights off and rented movies on the couch with my “cool” girlfriend
  • speaking your mind
  • having a voice
  • books
  • learning
  • accomplishing
  • realizing what’s cool when you’re being uncool

Keep it simple


3 responses to “You Know What’s Cool?

  1. Having great kids is cool.

  2. Dad taking me to a World Series Game 1990

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